Apple Evolution

Apple has been in the news lately. Apart from announcing the latest series of iproducts (iphone 5 and ipod in September and then ipad and imac series in October), it has announced its first management shakeup after Steve Jobs.

As the world consumers await in awe of the latest iproducts quarter after quarter, the magnitude of world’s most valued company continue to surpass imagination.

What surprise many today is the swift action Tim Cook makes to his executive team, displacing Scott Forstall, head of iOS and John Browett, head of retail (who is leaving after just 6 short months). Both men have had their mis-steps of late which are hard to ignore by close watchers of Apple.

From a consumer perspective, I am eager to see what changes Apple’s new exec shuffle will make to its product innovation.

I am not particularly impressed by Apple’s over-priced iPad-mini or the new (sold out) iphone 5. To me, the product launches of Apple felt too much like an update of their products year after year instead of being truly revolutionary or innovative.

Perhaps Nick Bilton says it best in his article“consumer electronics has started to share one characteristic, no matter who makes the products: They are all rectangles. Now, companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google need to persuade consumers to buy new rectangles once a year.”