Being Social

The social business is no longer social.

Gone are the days where  Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin open their doors to developers and their independent API. Platforms, in the wake of chasing their own revenue and users participation have chosen to close their doors.

In the midst of all this is disturbing story of Facebook’s M&A strategy which calls to question the way social business now behave. Many inherently felt betrayed and shut out when their service depend on the platform they partner with. Worst still is when the dominant service starts copying or behaving like their competitors [hint. Twitter and Flipboard] .

So, in the midst of change strategy, these business no longer behave anyway close to their business core – being social.


Plastered all over the tech news this week is ex-Googler Marissa Mayer’s appointment as Yahoo new CEO. Just by joining Yahoo alone, Marissa Mayer has been headlined with positivity like making Yahoo relevant, being able to attract and recruit people previously unachievable for Yahoo.

Just a month ago, my former boss was in the same shoe as the whole of Europe learnt of Harriet Green’s appointment as the new Group CEO of Thomas Cook. Investors and news agencies brimming with positivity that Harriet will bring fresh perspective to the world’s oldest travel agency.

Two women at the top tasked with rescuing their companies and making them relevant once again for the 21st century is perhaps the most exciting news, in itself, to come for a long time.