My mobile evolution

Time is a very cynic critic.

The pace at which technology has changed our lives and how mobile phones have invaded our lives is a powerful transition in our history.

I remember the year 1994 where I was a freshmen in my university. I was exposed to the World Wide Web and my first mobile device – a motorola pager. How wonderous it was for me then.

Flashback 18 years later. That felt ancient.

I recall the first uber expensive mobile phone I bought. A stylus input first generation smartphone with contacts and calender from Motorola costing a whopping $1,200!

I remember my loyalty towards all Nokia phones, which was indispensible as mobile became mainstream.

I still love my blackberry, a handy helper until it is deem an embarrassment for many by New York Times just this past week.

I love my iPad but dread the idea of an iphone. Screen keypad seem frightening for my stubby fingers.

I know I will eventually move on to an Android or iOS phone but time will always be the wiser of me before I find myself horribly out of trend again in my mobile evolution.