Birthday & Thanksgiving

Every year, people around the world celebrate Thanksgiving. For most people born between November 22 to 28, you get to celebrate both Thanksgiving and your birthday approximately once every 7 years based on a calculation by Scott Forbes.

Like Scott, I am also born in late November. November 28 to be exact. So in 2002 and 2013, Thanksgiving falls exactly on my birthday. It will do so again in 2019.

So in the spirit of giving thanks and celebrating my birthday today. I wanted to give thanks to all that matters to me this past year.

To the good

Thanks for picking me up and guiding me through the down moments. For giving me hope and the strength to continue on. For lifting the burden and giving me warmth.

To the bad

Thanks for not causing permanent damage and giving me just enough room to recover. For reminding me never to be complacent and comfortable. For showing me the good through the bad.

To my love

Thanks for standing by me unconditionally and tolerating my whim and fancy. For supporting me through some crazy ideas and silly mistakes. Thanks for your unconditional love and for always being there for me.

To  our dear guardians

Thanks for looking over our family and guiding us through happy and sad times.  For being the friends and family that we are very grateful for. For not giving up as I waver. For simply giving unconditionally.

In the spirit of giving thanks, I encourage you to do the same this year and say thank you to what matters most to you.

The heart of it all

“The heart of it all” is a term I am using to explain the failure of all things.

Why do we say that a company has changed when someone leaves? You feel this because people in the company are its heart. People with plenty of heart add intrinsic value to the company and drive passion for the business. When great people with plenty of heart leave the company, they take their heart and soul with them…thus causing the change you feel. When the company loses heart – morale, spirit and the devotion of the staff falters. The heart falters. This applies not just to companies but relationships, the state of the society and even the family.

Look into the heart of it all and you will find the answer.