2012: A Look Back

As I look back at 2012, I came across a most interesting article by Business Insider which looks that the 13 things that went obsolete in 2012.

On the top of that  list screamed the headline “small-screened smartphones”. Like most people, I was in holiday mood and along came shopping desire of things I would like to get in the new year. I quipped to my partner that I think we should get a matching set of iphones and android phones. That way, we get to stay connected to both technology whichever way they swing (given how much time we both spend on our iPad for work and entertainment).

For me, the iPad mini is not going to work. It is an awdward size for my asian hands. It is too big for a mobile and too small for a tablet. Hence, the conclusion is to get a Galaxy Note 2, which I think is perfect for a mobile and quasi-road notepad.

Some other interesting obsevations from the article which I think are spot on:

Netbooks are finally dead (did it ever live? I have had a Netbook for 1.5 year and it is a nightmare to use. Slow and clunky. I am glad to get rid of it).

Buying individual songs or albums (okay, I live in Asia now and I have not bought a CD / paid for music in >8years. Wait, that includes the time I am living in the west! Okay, so it is a personal choice and not a matter of obsolency.)

Alarm Clocks (How true, I never quite thought about it but indeed, the last alarm clock I bought is 4 years old now – that was the number of years I had been sleeping with my mobile phone next to me.)

I am sure that if you and I start looking around our house, we will probably find more things that had gone obselete in our lives.

P.S On a more sombre tone, Newsweek decide that printed magazines are obsolete and have issued their last print issue on Dec. 31, 2012.